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The Easter school holiday program will operate from Monday the 30th of March through until Friday the 10th of April. Please note that Friday the 3rd of April and Monday the 6th of April are public holidays therefore the school holiday program will not be open on those days.


Please note that ALL families must submit a new registration form for the new calendar year. YMCA Geelong only require ONE regsitration form per year, unless your information changes. Please ensure that you complete these forms with as much information as possible as this is the main source of information for program staff with regards to each individual child.

If you don't require care during the school holidays just yet but would like to join the mailing list for all future programs please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your preferred details, including ages of children.


Please note that as of September 2014 fees will increase to a rate of $53.50 per child, per day.

Excursion fees - previouslly families were charged the fee for any excursion activity as well as the cost of aditional staff to meet excursion staff to child ratios (1:8).
Families were only charged an additional bus hire fee where excursions were outside of the Geelong area. As of September 2014 all excursion fees will include a small bus fee regardless of the destination.

Families who are eligible for Child Care Benefits (CCB) may expect to pay a lesser fee depending on the percentage they are entitled to.

All families are entitled to receive the 50% out of pocket rebate known as the Child Care Rebate (CCR). It is recommended that families contact the Family Assistance Office to discuss the use of our service. The contact phone number for the Family Assistance Office is 136 150.


When referring to our program we previously referred to it as the 'Vacation Care Program'. As of September 2014 we will be referring to our program as the 'School Holiday Program'.

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All bookings will take place between the dates specified for each program.
These dates are listed on the program brochures and website.
Bookings commence approximately half way through the school term and will close 2 weeks before the program begins.

YMCA Geelong School Holiday Program will not accept bookings after the closure date, unless:
  1. The family requiring booking is experiencing an emergency situation, and
  2. That family has an existing registration for the calendar year.

YMCA Geelong understands that some families may not know which days they require this far in advance, therefore it is advised that families book for the days the think they may require, or all days. These days can be cancelled as per the cancellation policy.

Confirmation of Bookings

Families should expect bookings to be processed within 7 days of submitting booking form.
Once bookings are complete families will receive an invoice which is an ESTIMATE of the fees to be charged for use of the School Holiday Program. Invoices are sent via email or post - however if an email address has been provided in the registration form process, this is where it is generally sent.
Families please note that on occasion invoices have been known to go straight to JUNK MAIL. It is advised that this folder be checked regularly.

As stated, the invoice sent prior to the program is an ESTIMATE. Fees are only calculated and 100% accurate once attendances have been lodged with the Child Care Management System (CCMS). Families may see slight changes to their accounts once calculations have been applied, this may reflect in more outstanding fees or even a credit, and some families will see no change at all. Please note that YMCA Geelong does not have control over how these fees are determined.


Under new policy, YMCA Geelong requires all cancellations in writing and with at least 7 days notice prior to the program beginning.

If your cancellation occurs after this cut-off date a medical certificate must be supplied if families do not wish to be charged for that days’ booking.

Families who contact the program outside of the 7 days notice period may expect charges to apply for their child's absence. All absences where children simply fail to attend as per their booking are recorded and families will be charged for these occurances. In instances where a medical certificate has been provided families will not be charged for absent days and the child/ren will be recorded as 'cancelled'.

Payment of Fees

PLEASE NOTE that all activities and costs are considered carefully when planning, and most excursions come at the request of the families and children.

All program fees must be paid in full and up front no later than one week PRIOR to the beginning of each holiday program.

Direct Debit - this option is available ONLY for January programs

Any families experiencing significant financial hardship are advised to contact the Community Programs Coordinator, Kimberley Maher, to discuss their concerns.
Families who receive support from outside agencies such as MacKillop Family Services, Barwon Health, VACCA, and so on must ensure that supporting documentation from the agency is supplied with their booking form.



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