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ymca school holiday program info

School Holiday Program Information

YMCA School Holiday Program has made some important changes that will impact all families - pdfRead more

Bookings for the upcoming School Holiday Program and Beachcomber Activities are now closed.


The Victorian Government has come to a decision and determined that Friday October 2nd, the day before the AFL Grand Final, will now be a public holiday.
As such, YMCA Geelong will not be operating their school holiday program on this day.
An amended program will be made available on the website and emailed to currently registered families.
It is recommended that all families review the changes and if this affects any bookings already submitted, please ensure you re-submit a new booking form to reflect any necessary changes.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

2015 School Term Dates

Term 1: 28th January to 27th March

Term 2: 13th April to 26th June

Term 3: 13th July to 18th September

Term 4: 5th October to 18th December


25 Riversdale Road
Newtown, Vic  3220

Opening hours

7:30AM – 6:00PM
School Holiday Program operates during all Victorian school holidays. Not open for School Holiday Program on Public Holidays.

Our daily activities include both excursions and centre-based activities.  
A wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities are provided for the children, and these range from sports and games, to art and craft, healthy eating, team sports, gymnastics, large and small group activities, children’s video’s, drama and music activities and much more.

All children booked in on days of excursions will be expected to participate in them.

We encourage parents, guardians and children to be involved in the planning of these programs to ensure that their child/ren’s needs are being met. This can include cultural diversity, general interests or seasonal-relevant activities.

Program information for each school holidays will be available from reception, most schools in the Geelong area as well as on the website. Information is also sent directly to those registered for the calendar year via email and post, and to those who request to be on the mailing list for future programs.

All children are required to have

  • Snack for the morning
  • Lunch
  • Snack for the afternoon
  • Refillable drink bottle
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Warm clothes (cold weather)
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat (broad-brimmed or legionnaires)


Must be handed to the staff member on duty at the reception desk and complete a Medication Authorisation Form which will include details of dosage, time etc. recorded in the medication book (located in reception). Please do not send medication along with child, please hand all medication in to staff on duty with completed forms. This includes ventolin/inhalers.

Children with Asthma/Anaphylaxis/Allergies MUST have a Action Plan as well as a Risk Minimisation Plan provided before they may attend the program. These forms must be submitted with their registration form and must be reviewed by a Doctor/GP every 12 months.

Children with Additional Needs

Please complete the registration form and list details of your child/ren's needs in the appropriate areas. The more information you are able to provide us with ensures we are better equipped to meet the needs of each child.

Children who have been diagnosed with any form of additional need will be reqquired to complete the ISS forms (located on FORMS page). Completion of these forms enables YMCA Geelong to have access to funding that helps to provide our program with Additional Support Staff. These staff members assist additional needs children to engage in regular programming, but also provide the children with alternative activities suited to their needs and abilities. Children will not be accepted at the program without proper completion of these forms.

Sign in and out of the Program

All children must be SIGNED IN upon arrival at the centre. Children must be signed in by 9:00am.
Sign in sheets are grouped as:

Prep/Grade 1 JUNIOR
Grade 4/5 SENIOR
Grade 6+ OUT & ABOUT
Grade 6 + with additional needs OUT AND ABOUT TEENS (also referred to as Teenage My Ability)

This means there will be 5 separate attendance sheets as per grouping. Parents must sign in each child in their relevant grade groups.
ALSO, on days where there are excursions planned, there will be a "Permission to Attend Excursion Form" which will be situated next to the sign in/out sheets. Please ensure that when signing in your child/ren, you also complete this form. Failure to do so will mean that your child/ren will not be able to attend the excursion for that particular day.

Daily Fee

The daily program fee is $60.00 per child (as of May 8th 2015).
On days where excursions take place the daily fee is $85.00 per child.

Please see the program brochures for more information.

The program is subsidized through the Childcare Benefit Scheme (CCB).
The Geelong YMCA is a Commonwealth approved childcare provider.

pdfChild Care Benefit CCB Ready Reckoner
pdfChild Care Benefit Calculator

Childcare Assistance for Families

Families who qualify for assistance will have completed an Eligibility Test with the Family Assistance Office (FAO). FAO determine whether or not a family is entitled to these benefits based on their family income.

If families are not sure whether they qualify they are recommended to seek advice from the FAO. They can be contacted on 136 150. It is important that families gather this information prior to commencing use of a child care program such as the School Holiday Program.

Family Assistance are required to be informed that a child is enrolled in a child care program. Some families may experience issues with calculating their Child Care Benefits if they neglect to do this.

It is highly important that families provide the relevant information to YMCA School Holiday Program in order for fees to be properly calculated. We require all children BIRTH DATES and CUSTOMER REFERENCE NUMBERS (CRN's). We also require the BIRTH DATE AND CRN of the parent who is linked to the child/ren in order for them to receive their Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate.

If a family is eligible for JET payments they must provide a copy of the letter stating such to YMCA Geelong Vacation Care.

Please note that YMCA School Holiday Program does NOT calculate family fees. We provide the Child Care Management System (CCMS) with information of attendance, absences, birth dates & CRN's and our fees in order the information to be submitted and calculated through CCMS. The information then feeds back to YMCA School Holiday Program and we can then produce invoices to be distributed.

It is the responsibility of the family to ensure that their CCB registration details are correct, not Centrelink or the YMCA. Failure to do this will result in the family being charged at full price of $51.00 for each child.

If required, our Centrelink reference number is 555 011 025 S

Payment Options

Payment is required up front and IN FULL no later than ONE WEEK prior to the beginning of the program. An invoice will be issued upon submitting your booking form.

Please note that the invoice will generate an estimate based on your eligibility for Child Care Benefits & Child Care Rebate. An invoice with calculated fees can only be produced after attendances have been submitted after the program has concluded.

Families will receive another invoice once the program has finished.

Any families experiencing significant financial hardship are encouraged to speak with the Community Programs Coordinator, Kimberley Maher. Please phone 5223 2714 to discuss.

Contact Us

Newtown Stadium
25 Riversdale Road
Newtown, 3220
Phone: (03) 5223 2714

North Geelong
Victoria St (Arena Complex)
North Geelong, 3218
Phone: (03) 5223 2714

Camp Wyuna
71 Flinders St
Queenscliff, 3225
Phone: (03) 5258 1656

YMCA Bannockburn
132 Milton Street
Bannockburn, 3331
Phone: (03) 5281 2316

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