YMCA Geelong

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Pit Redevelopment

The YMCA Geelong Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit organisation, that provides recreational and competitive gymnastics programs for all and it's come time to fix our pit and bar area and have them upgraded.

We have hundreds of participants pass through our gym every week and the pit is a high-traffic area that many of our participants, of all ages, love and enjoy.

We need your help to fix it up and make it a safer area for everyone

This is not a cheap exercise

The redevelopment will cost us $65,000

The Y Geelong has committed $40,000 to the redevelopment, but we need your help to find the remaining $25,000 to help us make this project come to life.

Please help us by making a donation and sharing this with your friends and family.

All donating families, participants and businesses will have their names put on an honour board which will be displayed next to the redeveloped pit area to acknowledge those who helped us make this amazing project happen.

Once you have made a donation please see our friendly reception team at Newtown Stadium to collect your Donation Card to hang on the bar rail in the foyer.