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2019 Holiday Program

2019 Vacation Care Program is now open and enrolment are now being taken for Newtown, Armstrong Creek, Bannockburn College, Torquay Below are link to each of the programs Newtown Stadium Armstrong Creek Bannockburn College Torquay Check out the awesome activities over the January 2019 holi...

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Project Funded

Thank you to everyone who voted for the YMCA Newtown Stadium Pick my Project, we have been successful on receiving $200,000 to install heating and cooling at the Stadium. The Project plan for the installation of the Heating and cooling has been developed and we are in the planning phase where we ...

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Get Work Ready

    Working in partnership with YMCA Geelong, our Work Ready Program is designed to help you get the skills and knowledge you need, to be ready for employment. This program will cover all the usual suspects: resume writing, cover letters, references and&n...

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Community Impact Report 2018

  Community Impact Report    YMCA Geelong is proud to present  our Community Impact Report for 2018. Check out how the YMCA is making a difference in our community, the full documentis available below.   Click Here to download the Report   ...

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Bannockburn Recreation Centre Boredom Busters

Supporting Documents



Children with asthma/anaphylaxis/allergies MUST have an action plan (issued by doctor/medical professional) – reviewed every 12 months
All action plans MUST have a colour photo
Children with asthma/anaphylaxis/allergies MUST have a risk minimization plan (completed by parent/carer)
Children with medications to be administered (including any Ventolin/inhalers, Panadol, Ritalin, etc.) MUST have said medication submitted each day to program staff.
Children with medications to be administered (including any Ventolin/inhalers, Panadol, Ritalin, etc.) MUST have a Medication Authorisation form to accompany it, submitted to staff.

pdfMedication Authorisation Form 
pdfRisk Minimisation Form
pdfAsthma Action Plan Template – completed by a doctor, reviewed every 12 months
pdfAnaphylaxis Action Plan Template (EpiPen) - completed by a doctor, reviewed every 12 months
pdfAnahphylaxis Action Plan Template (Anapen) - completed by a doctor, reviewed every 12 months
pdfAllergy Action Plan Template - completed by a doctor, reviewed every 12 months 


ISS forms must be completed for any child with a diagnosis of having an additional need (eg. ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, etc.). The Health Care information form must be completed by a medical professional (GP, Psychologist, Pediatrician, etc.)
The remaining two forms are to be completed by the family.
Children with additional needs will not have a confirmed booking until all three forms have been submitted (minimum 3 weeks prior to program)

pdfHealth Care Information form
pdfPermission to share information form
pdfService Support Request Form 


To assist YMCA School Holiday Program staff to better care for your child we require as much information as possible.
If your child has an existing Behaviour Management Plan in place at school please ensure you provide a copy of this when submitting your registration & booking forms.
If your child has a history of behavioural concerns but doesn’t have a plan in place please ensure you consider completing the Behaviour Management Template as per the link below.
This does not impede your child’s chances of participation, it betters our ability to care for your child.

docxBehaviour Management Plan Template


Please see the link below for our parent handbook. If you have any questions, concerns or contributions please ensure you communicate these to the Community Programs Coordinator, Kimberley Maher

pdfParent Handbook

holiday pic 03

Bannockburn Recreation Centre Boredom Busters

What You Need To Know

132 Milton Street Bannockburn 3331

Opening hours
Varied – please see program brochure for further details
Bookings for Bannockburn-based programming 10:00am-1:00pm
8:15am (arrive at Bannockburn and sign in) – 5:00pm return to Bannockburn Recreation Centre

Signing in/out
For Bannockburn based activities children must be signed on upon arrival and signed out at the time of collection, both by authorised persons.
Bannockburn daily activities may include centre-based fun or short trips to local facilities. Please see the program brochure for further information.

For all bookings where children attend the Bannockburn Recreation Centre Children must be signed in by the time outlined on the program guide.
Sign in sheets are grouped as:

  • Prep/Grade - 1 JUNIOR
  • Grades 2/3 - INTERMEDIATE
  • Grades 4/5 - SENIOR
  • Grade 6 & over - TEENAGERS
  • Camp Excursion - EXCURSION PROGRAM

ALSO, on days where there are excursions planned away from Newtown Stadium, there will be a "Permission to Attend Excursion Form" which will be situated next to the sign in/out sheets. Please ensure that when signing in your child/ren, you also complete this form. Failure to do so may mean that your child/ren will not be able to attend the excursion for that particular day.

Children are generally only grouped by age when marking attendances, when going on excursion or if specialised coaches/instructors visit the YMCA to deliver activities. Children, at all times, have CHOICES and may choose to participate in the activities they like. This may mean interacting with different age groups throughout the day. If, when being grouped for special activities, children wish to go in a different group , they need only communicate this to staff.

Our daily activities include both excursions and centre-based activities. A wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities are provided for the children, and these range from sports and games, to art and craft, healthy eating, team sports, gymnastics, large and small group activities, children’s video’s, drama and music activities and much more.

All children booked in on days of excursions will be expected to attend however participation is not compulsory. Families will, however, still be charged the excursion day fee. We encourage parents, guardians and children to be involved in the planning of these programs to ensure that their child/ren’s needs are being met. This can include cultural diversity, general interests or seasonal-relevant activities.

Program information for each school holidays will be available from reception, most schools in the Geelong area as well as on the website. Information is also sent directly to those registered for the calendar year via email and post, and to those who request to be on the mailing list for future programs.


  • All children are required to have
  • Snack for the morning
  • Lunch
  • Snack for the afternoon
  • Refillable drink bottle
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Warm clothes (cold weather)
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat (broad-brimmed or legionnaires)



Only applicable when bookings are linked to the Newtown/Camp activities.

holiday pic 01

Bannockburn Recreation Centre Boredom Busters


YG Bannockburn Holiday Program Timetable Only January 2019


Contact Us

Newtown Stadium
25 Riversdale Road
Newtown, 3220
Phone: (03) 5223 2714

North Geelong
Victoria St (Arena Complex)
North Geelong, 3218
Phone: (03) 5223 2714

Camp Wyuna
71 Flinders St
Queenscliff, 3225
Phone: (03) 5258 1656

YMCA Bannockburn
132 Milton Street
Bannockburn, 3331
Phone: (03) 5281 2316

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