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Y Geelong Board Statement
Safeguarding Children and Young People

At the Y we consider the safety and wellbeing of children and young people to be our highest priority. We believe in inspired young people and this can only occur when they are empowered, safe and provided a voice.

The Y Geelong Board wish to provide to our community, schools, education providers, user groups and members transparency to the implementation and compliance to the Child Safety Standards and provide details of the following processes that are in place for all employees/volunteers at YMCA Geelong facilities.

Safeguarding is our highest objective and the most important driver for decision making and practice at all levels of our organisation. We are proud of the work of the Y Safeguarding Team in developing the Y Geelong Safeguarding Action Plan 2022-2023 and fully support the implementation of The Y Australia’s collective National Safeguarding strategic pillars. As a member of the longest running global youth focused organisation in the world, the Y Geelong Region is committed to providing child and youth safe environments. This is culturally embedded in our service practices and governance approaches of the Leadership teams and Board of Directors. The Board strongly believe that by providing safe places for young people to engage is a key contributor to their achieving their learning and growth potential. As part of this implementation, the Y Geelong Board has appointed existing Board Member Mark Wilkin as the Safeguarding Board Sponsor on our Risk and Safeguarding Committee.

As the Y Australia independent reviewers, Australian Childhood Foundation will measure whether the Y complies with key safeguarding standards including:

  • Commitment to Safeguarding Children
  • Personnel Roles and Conduct
  • Recruitment and Screening
  • Personnel Induction and Training
  • Involving Children and Parents
  • Child Abuse Reports and Allegations
  • Supporting a Child-Safe Culture.
Natalie McColl
  Shona Eland

November 2020

The Y Geelong have been independently reviewed by the Australian Childhood Foundation 
and have achieved the highest rating against national standards.

Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedures detail our legal, moral and Mission-driven responsibility to protect children and young people from harm and ensure our staff have a detailed understanding of the policy and their vital role in creating a culture where children and young people’s wellbeing is safeguarded.

Statement of Commitment The Y and its Board of Directors have a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of child abuse or neglect. We are committed to the rights of children and young people to feel safe and be safe when participating in our organisation's activities, including those from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, with a disability, mental illness or in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Y employees, volunteers (including its Board Members), students on placement, consultants and contractors, affiliated associations, clients, parents, guardians, families and others associated with the Y are required to understand, and act immediately on, the important responsibility they have to:
  • Protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from all forms of abuse, bullying and exploitation by our people and take the appropriate steps to report and respond to any incidents of abuse, neglect or exploitation brought to the attention of the Y
  • Be aware of, and familiar with, the Y National Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Y Geelong Safeguarding Children and Young Policy Procedures including any incidents of abuse and neglect occurring outside the scope of the Y’s operations and services which may impact on children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Create and maintain a safe culture and secure environment that is child focused, transparent and respectful by all the individuals who work for, volunteer or access programs and services at the Y Geelong.
  • Ensure no one feels threatened, afraid or unsafe and where they are aware of how, and comfortable to, raise any concerns or issues with Y staff, knowing that concern or issue will be acted on appropriately and taken seriously.
We have developed our own Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework which aspires to ensure that all Children and Young People are safe and feel safe at the Y, in their families and in their Communities. Our Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework aims to develop:
  • A safe culture nationally which empowers Children and Young People by promoting Children and Young Person focused leadership and governance;
  • Safe environments at the Y and in Communities which empower Children and Young People to thrive; and
  • Safe operations to ensure Y People have the right policies, processes and practices to keep Children and Young People safe.

REPORT A SAFEGUARDING CONCERN HERE https://forms.office.com/r/uMNTq2EMDqCould

Stay Safe, Tell Someone