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Every year thousands of students visit our beautiful campsite, each developing their own unique experience.

As an experienced provider of school camping programs, we understand the role of camp in providing students with opportunities for personal growth, building the community spirit of the student cohort and immersing students in the natural world.

It is our goal to provide students with a tailored, specialised experience that is strategically shaped by our comprehensive learning framework. We pride ourselves on offering outcomes-based programming that is suitable for schools of all sizes and abilities.

School Programs & Packages
Our programs and activities strongly promote the importance of nature play and adventure. Designed on a comprehensive educational learning framework, we tailor programs to meet the needs and objectives of your school - whether it be for a single year level or the entire school’s camping needs.

Schools may choose to select from two structured packages:

  • Package One: 100% of the camp program instructed by Y staff ie. all activities
  • Package Two: 50% of the camp program is instructed by Y staff ie. 50% of adventure activities are facilitated by Y instructors and 50% of passive activities are led by teaching staff.

Pre-Camp Preparation
To assist teachers with the sometimes daunting task of organizing a school camp, Y Camp staff are available to provide support, advice and valuable resources/tools to make this phase more manageable. Support includes:

  • Camp Organisers Handbook: A complete guide to assist the school camping coordinator to organize the details of your camp. Information includes: program outcome selection information, administration procedures, camp program planning/wet weather contingency, meals/catering, transport, first aid, emergency procedures/telephone numbers, teacher roles and responsibilities, an organiser's checklist
  • Teachers Resources: You will find attached at the bottom of this page.

 School Documents